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We’re experts at making cheese dreams come true, any way you slice it! All gift baskets are made fresh daily, stocked with delicious handpicked products, and gift wrapped to perfection. It all adds up to an exquisite basket sure to impress.

Not seeing the perfect gift for your cheese lover? Contact us to order a custom basket made to your liking.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. We do our very best to fill orders according to the selected basket; however, occasional substitutions may be made.

  • Why over complicate things when cheese and crackers hit the spot every time? Keep things simple with our classic basket that never goes out of style. (Includes: Red Fox, Five Brothers, Crackers).
  • Sometimes all you need is cheese. This cheesy gift features some of our best selling cheeses for the cheese lover in your life. (Includes: Red Fox, Jensen Old Cheddar, Five Brothers).
  • This cheese lovers gift is sure to impress. All that’s left is simply setting everything out on your favourite board (we sell those too), and you’re ready to entertain. (Includes: Merlot BellaVitano, Red Fox, Brie, Five Brothers, 1 box Crackers, 1 pkg Salami)
  • Our most popular basket, The Foodie, is perfect for those who share a love for specialty foods.  (Includes: Merlot BellaVitano, Jensen Old Cheddar, Red Fox, Five Brothers, 1 pkg Salami, 1 bag Bruxelles Popcorn, 1 package chocolate covered pretzels, 1 Box Crackers, 1 jar Red Pepper Jelly)
  • The Feast

    This spread leaves nothing to the imagination, except of course, the number of people you’ll invite over to enjoy it. (Includes: (Includes: Merlot BellaVitano, Balsamic BellaVitano, Brie, Five Brothers, 1 Box Crackers, 1 pkg Salami, 1 jar Red Pepper Jelly, Olive Oil and Balsamic 2 pack, Jensen Old Cheddar, Red Fox, Sea Salt and Toffee Bark, Gourmet Dip Mix, 1 bag Bruxells Popcorn).
  • Sometimes a perishable gift simply can’t make the trip. No problem, our Sweet Tooth basket features a selection of handmade, Belgian style chocolates for the sweetest gift. (Includes: Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Sea Salt Toffee Bark, 1 bag Bruxelles Mix, Big Kid Cookie, Chocolate Covered Licorice, Chocolate Bark).