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AROMATIC TONIC: Blended with the gentle bitterness of South American angostura bark and aromatic botanicals, such as cardamom, pimento berry and ginger.

LEMON TONIC: Blended with the finest Sicilian lemons, spring water and quinine of the highest quality from the 'fever trees' of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

SICILIAN LEMONADE: Blending the aroma and taste of freshly squeezed lemons, including 'Sfumatrice-Torchio' extracts of Sicilian lemons, creates a superb, cloudy, sparkling lemonade. 

SPICED ORANGE GINGER ALE: A unique blend of signature gingers, combined with sweet clementines and spicy cinnamon. 

GINGER BEER: A distinct, fresh ginger taste predominates. It is refreshing and clean-tasting without being overly sweet. As the liquid passes through the palate, the ginger will fill the whole mouth, leaving a warmth at the back of the throat..