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REAPER: Our original scotch bonnet pepper sauce with the added heat from carolina reapers. The hottest of all flavours, this sauce leaves the beautiful lasting burn you've been yearning for.  

SCOTCH BONNET: This 100 year old recipe adds a punch of heat without a long-lasting burn. The combination of scotch bonnet peppers combined with vegetables create the perfectly balanced pepper sauce that has been passed down through 4 generations. 

JALAPENO: Sweet, spicy and tangy, perfect for beginners. Try this on all of your favourite Mexican dishes and you will be wondering how you lived without it for so long. 

CHIPOTLE: The combination of jalapeno and scotch bonnet peppers create a wonderful burn. BBQ lovers rejoice! This sauce is fantastic on meat due to the smokier flavour. 

SMOKED SWEET HEAT: Great paired with grilled meats. Sweet, smokey and spicy, perfect for your next BBQ!