Collection: Crackers & Crisps

Complete your perfect charcuterie board with our selection of gourmet crackers and crisps. Our carefully curated assortment of savory snacks are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite cheeses, cured meats, and spreads. We offer a variety of options to suit every palate, including gluten-free options and gourmet crackers.

Our black rice crackers are a bold and earthy addition to any cheese pairing, while our sesame crackers offer a subtle nuttiness. Our gluten-free crackers provide a satisfying crunch without sacrificing taste, and our water crackers offer a neutral base for any cheese or spread.

For something unique, try our fig and olive crisps, made with real figs and olives for a sweet and savory bite. Our cranberry hazelnut crisps are the perfect complement to your favorite tangy cheeses, while our salty date and almond crisps offer a satisfying mix of sweet and salty flavors. Our rosemary pecan crisps and blueberry almond crisps are both nutty and fruity, adding a burst of flavor to any cheese board.

Browse our selection of gourmet crackers and crisps and elevate your cheese game to the next level!