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Just for Cheese delicious sauces are made with internationally sourced fruits, nuts and spices. They are created in small batches to enhance the flavours of cheeses.

Halfway between a jam and a sauce, it has been created with a clean flavour profile that won’t distract your palate. By using less sugar than a jam, each fruit’s natural elements shine through. Brought together with carefully selected spices and nuts, a perfect combination arises.

Peaches & Apricots with Goji berries and Guatemalan cardamom. Slightly sweet with a citrus note, a perfect counterpoint for soft ripened cheeses. Pair with soft cheeses. 33g

Black Figs with Australian macadamia nuts and Jamaican allspice. Smooth, creamy, subtle sweetness and a touch of spice with a slight crunch. Pairs with brie and blue cheeses. 33g

Raspberries with rose petals and Szechuan pepper. Silky and sensual floral elegance with a light spicy quality and warm roasted aroma. Pair with fresh and tender cheeses. 33g

Golden Apples caramelized with tender pistachios from Turkey and Sri Lanka cinnamon. Well-rounded, accents the fragrance of rich, mature cheese. Pair with hard-cured cheeses. 33g

Black Grapes with Majorcan almonds. Fresh and sweet with a crunchy texture. Pair with soft paste and washed rind cheeses. 33g